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Amnion for Aesthetics

Amnion membrane holds many different characteristics, but it shares two common features: in the appropriate environment of the body, amnion membrane cells are able to self-renew and they have the ability to become more specialized cells such as bone, blood, or muscle. Amnion Membrane (AM) and Amnion Fluid (AF) therapy involves the harvesting of amniotic tissue and fluid from a woman at birth, processing to remove impurities to avoid rejection by another body and then re-implanting them, specifically in the area of pain or aging skin, in order to regenerate damaged tissue and eliminate pain.

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Amniotic products are used to heal acute and chronic wounds, burns, ulcers, corneal injuries, and numerous orthopedic applications.  Although they have not yet been used extensively in cosmetic surgery, their success in these other applications suggests that there are many ways in which these products will enhance results and speed healing times for cosmetic patients.

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Our products are derived from human amniotic fluid (AF) that is obtained from the placenta.  The layers of the placenta are rich in collagen types III, IV, V, and VII, contain structural matrixes (ECM) like fibronectin, laminins, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, and have high concentrations of growth factors.  These attributes provide an excellent structure for skin cellular migration and proliferation that help heal injured tissue, while preventing inflammation and scarring.  


Besides suppressing pro-inflammatory cytokines, amnion secretes large amounts of B-defensins, and elafin, all of which reduce microbial activity. Tissue regeneration is helped by the mix of cells, electrolytes, growth factors, lipids, amino acids, enzymes and hormones present in the AF. These components work together at the site of the problem so new cells can form, and the injured tissue can be repaired, remodeled and rebuilt back to its normal state. 


Many patients find this procedure appealing for its long list of benefits. Unlike steroid injections and surgery, the procedure includes little to no risk. Most patients find the 25-minute procedure to be painless, with minimal downtime. While every injury and condition is unique, some patients have been able find relief in as little as one to two weeks after the injection.

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Choosing AM (Amnion Membrane) or Amniotic Fluid (AF) as an alternative to surgery provides a long list of benefits, with little to no side effects. For instance, regenerative medicine procedures such as AM, potentially reduces or eliminates the risk of infection. Recovery time for AM therapy is significantly less than surgery, non-invasive and many patients report that the procedure is done with minimal discomfort. As shown in the pictures, Amnion Fluid, injected on the affected area can rejuvenate skin dramatically and return its youthful flexibility.

At Amnion, we process AF (Amnion Fluid) using advanced methods that include purification and sterile filtration technology to remove blood cells and other insoluble debris. This proprietary processing technology has been verified to preserve over 400 native cytokines, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid components found in amniotic fluid. 

Amnion Membrane/Fluid from Amnion = quality and Safety

  • 100% pure amniotic fluid with no additives or cryoprotectants
  • Sterile filtration technology
  • Endotoxin and USP <71> sterility testing on every lot
  • 400+ cytokines and chemokines verified to be preserved in native state
  • Rapid processing and purification following Cesearean section births at an American Association of Tissue Banks accredited laboratory

AF for skin may help the following health issues caused by aging, chronic disease or injury:

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Neck tightening
  • Collagen building for hands and knees

AF for ED and Stress Urinary Incontinence:

  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Enhanced female orgasms
  • Erectile Dysfunction for all types; Type 1 diabetes, Vascular disease, Prostate problems, Hypertension

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