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Amnion for Incontinence

Current, so-called gold standard therapies often provide symptomatic relief without targeting the underlying etiology of disease development. Recently, the use of amnion membrane (AM) and Amniotic Fluid (AF) cells to halt disease progression and reverse underlying pathology has emerged as a promising method to restore normal voiding function.

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It’s a 25-min procedure performed by our doctors and nurse practitioners trained in a specific injection protocol of AF, which contains Cytokines, growth factors and proteins. After a topical anesthetic is applied a gentle injection is performed in specific areas of the vaginal tissue.
The injection of AF signal and call your body's own growth cells to the injected areas. Your growth cells are the cells in your body primarily responsible for healing and rejuvenation.  Much like when you have a cut or scrape these cells migrate to the site of injury and heal it. 

With normal aging, the stress of pregnancy /delivery and other medical issues; the body can sometimes use assistance in rejuvenation.  Amnion’s AF shot directs the body's repair cells to the injection site and provides the additional necessary elements for rapid rejuvenation and healing.   

The result is increased sensitivity, firmer and smoother labia appearance, increased vaginal tightness, improved blood flow and increased natural vaginal lubrication.  You can expect results in 48 hours to 14 days; with results lasting up to 2 years. In many cases, no additional treatment is necessary.

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